Grappone Auto in NH sells used vehicles for MORE than what the New cost was!

Concord, New Hampshire 2 comments

We bought a 3 year old used truck and when we had it home and cleaned it out, found the original window NEW VEHICLE STICKER in the glove compartment and the original NEW TRUCK price was $3,000 LESS than what we paid for it 3 years later!There were also 2 years of registrations in the glove compartment, telling us who first owned it and where they lived!

Not smart moves! And they would NOT take the truck back - they had sold our trade-in. BAD COMPANY.

We would NOT buy anything there for anything!!!!!Bad financing, also,and hard to get out of it!

Review about: Truck.



Boo Hoo!I've had nothing but positive experiences at Grappone Group for years.

Educate yourself on the car Industry.These people(Grappone) are the best, Period!!!!!!


no you're wrong, you're the *** one for not doing your research before buying the truck, you're the ***, you had the right just to walk off the lot, but my guess would be you have bad credit and they were the only ones that would finance you

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